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October 19, 2005



they should list the apartments by required gross annual income: $84,996, $81,814, and $80,565 by my calculations.

i don't have the paperwork any more, but i think the old bank district had a similar requirement in their application.

count me in on any future explorations.

(wow, a flat denial. i'm crushed!)


true. that's for single occupancy. so if you shack up with someone then each have to make at least half that. but still...


I think that if you ever own a home in your lifetime that you ever decide to rent out to someone, I'm sure you will want to know that they are financially qualified to pay the rent, won’t you?

Or are you one of those people who are soo nice you rent to anyone who looks like a nice person? It takes 2 months to evict someone for non payment of rent in the state of California, so I hope when you buy your home and rent it to that “nice” person with no income documentation you have enough money sitting around to pay their rent while you evict them and pay for the attorny fees...

I have never heard of a building that doesn't have some kind of income requirements. Even no so nice properties look for 2.5 times the rent as income.

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