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December 12, 2005



cool pictures. i opted for the go-to-bed-early thing. (which i guess should not surprise anyone.)


so cool! thanks for the pictures. I was at that party too but am sorry that I missed you guys. I went to take a took at the interiors too but got distracted.

Brady Westwater

The original plan was for a restaurant in that space but between the fire department and the lenders - it was a no go. Hence - it is now lofts.


i live at PE lofts and just wanted to let you know that most of the retailers are coming in after the residents. the building's only been occupied for 6 months now, and many businesses are wary of the neighborhood. the 1st floor should be fully occupied in 12-18 months...the process is full of complications.

As for the fine dining restaurant planned for the original ballroom, that plan was nixed...they would require an exterior elevator (instead of entering the secure residential space) which i guess was a daunting task...AND residents were against the unknown foot-traffic. though they look like lofts now, that space is actually not convertable to lofts for the forseeable, the ballroom is available for special events. i hope that answers your questions.

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