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January 05, 2006



if i remember correctly, i have been the audience of one at least once at the laemmle grande, even with a relatively current movie on a weekend.

i've noticed that people staying through the credits is way more frequent around here than anywhere else i've seen a movie. a little respect for local industry, i guess.

i agree on the thumbs-up for crash. last rumor i heard is that it may resurface as a television series on fx. (apparently, it was originally conceived as a series.)


Jim, you're correct on Crash turning into a series (or at least as of a month ago). Don Cheadle is involved in a writing/production capacity, if I remember correctly. I don't know that it was conceived as such, though. I think it just came after the fact. Paul Hagis has spent a lot of time in TV, but I'm pretty sure he wrote (or co-wrote) this to be a film.

One of my cinema classes this past semester was about the movie business, and each semester they focus on one film and bring in various producers, marketing people, etc. Crash was the chosen film for my time. The process of how the film got made is pretty interesting. -e;

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