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September 20, 2006



I'm sad Steve and I haven't had a chance to go yet! Hopefully soon. Thanks for the heads up.

George Kelly

Thank you for comming in for dinner at Royal Claytons. As one of the owners of Sweet Freedom and a reader of your blog it was cool to see that you enjoyed our place. We really wanted to bring a neighborhood taven to this area, a place you might find in NYC or London, a place to meet friends, play pool and make you own. And if the greater City finds us, all the better. Next time you are in make sure you find Brian Lenzo, another Sweet Feedom owner, we always want to be nice to people who like what we do. We are now open for lunch and hopefully will serve breakfast by the end of the month. Thanks again.


I love the restaurant too! I'm hosting a great party there this Sat Oct 7th from 10pm to 2am for all you downtown dwellers.

There will be $2 drink specials on Cosmos and Apple Martinis from 10 to 11pm. So come early and stay for the night!


Looks like a really neat place - hopefully I can join you next time... great pics hot momma!!

david bullock

I also enjoy this place and think its only going to get better and better the more downtown's developing moves along.

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