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February 12, 2007


Will Campbell

Sounds like a fantastic journey -- and you had Eric L onboard!? My wife and I took the Museum of Neon Art's neon cruise a few monts ago and he was our excellent guide! Wish I'd been able to join you but given all the steps I took along Sunset Blvd the day before I know you understand.


I really wanted to join you on this...(I was on the Franklin Ave. walk) but as Marcia Brady so eloquently put it "something suddenly came up". I hope you organize another walk sometime soon, if so, count me in.


Sorry I couldn't make it -- got sick on Saturday. Apparently the two randoms I sent your way didn't go either, bummer! Anyway, just wanted to say that the walk looked like fun and we should hang out sometime. (I only say that because you look like hottie Janeane Garofalo in the pictures).


can holly come with?


How fun! I wish I'd been in town to join you. Big loves! Rick

Edward Padgett


I’m so disappointed I missed the 6th Street Stroll, took it for granted it was also raining in Los Angeles like it was in San Dimas Sunday morning. I had a gut feeling to phone you, but allowed that feeling to fade, next time I’ll go with my gut reaction.


glad you went! we were up late the night before (well I was anyway.. insomnia) and so by the time I woke it was a little rainy, and I went back to sleep.. not realizing that the sun would come out.. very lazy Sunday for us.. I had 0 energy. =(


How fun and great photos!! You look hot! I hope I can join you next time! How was the rest of Sat. night? Hope you weren't TOO mad about the bread pudding and very quietly sung "HBTY." xoxo

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