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March 13, 2007



ask folks who leased and then bought into the higgins building how that worked out. it had the same sort of deal, and was a barry shy building on top of that.


well yeah, that's kinda why i'm questioning the whole thing....except this isn't a shy building so it gives me hope.

by the way, have you seen that he now doesn't have his name listed on any of his properties? the website is sblofts...way to get around that bad publicity barry.

Scott Mercer

An electric stove actually bothers you?

I guess you actually cook.


i actually don't cook all that often however i am a child of the 70's and those electric stoves disturb me...kinda like the avocado green appliances back in the day too. i could never figure out how to control the temperature on them. once i became an adult and found the gas stove, cooking was so much less of a traumatic experience.


Stay away from the Delano Lofts. I've heard lots of bad things already. "shady vibe from the developers" really sums it up.

i went to visit it a few months back and it seemed like the contracters were doing a half ass job. some of the electrical outlets were so crooked that you could tell that was a sign of the overall job quality.


I would have to agree to stay away. I went in to lease and felt I was being pushed to sign which made me uneasy. Although it would have been the perfect set-up (I work right across the street), but something was just amiss.

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