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March 12, 2007



We made it down on Sunday. Wow a lot of people taking the tour. As for the Roosevelt, yeah right. I can just see a million dollar loft owner taking the subway. Loved the pics.


hey busy lady! Can you please email me the dates that you're doing any LA Conservancy Tours and the link to reserve tix? I have some people that are interested and I'd love for you to be their incredible guide - I was already bragging about you as a docent and stage manager :) I also might have some more takers for In Arabia before it closes... will fill you in/catch up with you later! xo


Hey, i was there on Sunday too. I decided months ago to buy at the Roosevelt and im still sticking with that. Cool tour, i pretty much agree with everything you said. By the way, i will definitley ride the subway as much as i can. Its a big plus for me.


What will be the parking situation be at each of these buildings? How about the HOA dues? I'll bet that the Roosevelt will be close to $1000 a month.



you know, in retrospect i realized i failed to get a lot of pertinent info on sunday. i was in my own little world, looking at the buildings and taking pictures.

depending on the building you usually get 1 parking space and in rare instances 2. HOA dues vary as well, usually a few hundred dollars per month...again depending on the size and scale of the project and individual units.


actually the Roosevelt was very reasonable compared to other properties. about 50 cents a square foot for HOA, and that includes valet parking for 5 years.


On the Subdividers Statement that was filed with City Planning for the Chapman Lofts back in April 2005 they declared 0 parking.


thanks spins. that just bites the big one huh? i looked at the webiste again and it mentions nothing about parking.


I was at the open house on Sunday. Loved the Chapman. I asked about parking and apparently they have a lease with the parking structure one storefront down for the first 5 years. During that time the developers are planning on building another structure adjacent to the East.

There is so much parking around that area anyway, shouldn't be a problem. or maybe I am just convincing myself because the price is so damn great, lol!


If you liked the Chapman...
My wife and I have to sell our 750 sqft loft right away if anyone is interested. After touring on Sunday, we realized that we have better views and light than those lofts, a unique History and a great location. Anyway, I enjoyed getting everybody's feedback. We are staying downtown, life is exciting here.

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