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March 12, 2007



I liked the Chapman too but the parking situation seems scary. According to someone in the mayors office, the Chapman is screwed because they failed to secure parking already. They haven't even finished negotiations with said parking structure yet. If you buy there, make sure you get it in writing that they will build a new parking structure. In five years time, most of the parking lots you see will probably be purchased for new developments leaving you with less places to park. I think parking is one of the most important things to consider when buying. You will have a hell of a time reselling one day without a parking space. The Rowan and El Dorado are charging $110 a month for 5 years in addition to HOAs for parking and it can increase 1% a year after that. Or you can buy a deeded space for $17,500.

Carlo Robassi

Roosevelt is way cool! But their floor seemed a little cheap. I went back to their sales center yesterday and the floors have divets from all the visitors heals that day. As for the Chapman, that price point is pretty darn sweet!!! I found out you can combine some of the units there to make 2 bedroom flats.

The Roosevelt

Hey Carlo, you're actually right; the walnut wood floor in the Sales Center isn't the best (and is not what we use in the actual loft units). The solid Canadian Maple that will be in each loft unit is a much more solid, sturdy, more durable and beautiful wood than what you walked on in the Sales Center. That maple floor that you'd get with your unit, is actually on display in the Sales Center as a large cross-section sample, shown in the 2 available color options: brown and grey. The best thing about this wood is not only the quality, but the fact that it can be re-sanded and re-stained multiples times.

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