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October 09, 2007


Rico A

Um, Boston's Old City Hall is ugly? That's news to me. New city hall, sure! (shudder) Perhaps that is what the tour guide meant?


yeah, i don't get it either but really we just overheard him. we were in the front courtyard and he walked up with his group (mind you he's wearing colonial garb) and he says something to the effect of welcome to Old City Hall, the ugliest building in Boston....and he kept referring to it's ugliness. maybe people back in the day didn't like the design and he was imparting "their" ideology. we wandered on ahead of him so maybe he did have more to'll be a mystery to me.

colt haggerty

my jealousy knows no bounds at the moment. (furiously looking on the internet for a return trip to beantown). Colt


AWESOME. Libby and Ben. Bestill my heart. I wanted to eat them both up. I shall never wash my right cheek again. Thanks for whoring it up with me in Beantown! I don't remember you taking that picture AT ALL>

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