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January 12, 2008



Well as of today, you all have something in common, wait till next year.



actually i had the same thought last night but i was hoping no one would notice that fact. maybe i jinxed them...


you are the only browns fan i have ever seen in LA. Are you from cleveland or something?


never stepped foot in the land of cleve, grew up in DC a Dallas fan just to piss my dad off. a few years ago i started doing fantasy football and began watching the Browns and took a liking to the organization, i had cut all ties with Dallas once Jerry Jones came into the picture so i needed a team to route for and somehow the Browns became that team.


i do fantasy football as well and love it, all this year i did awful. what was it about the browns that caught your liking?


my first year of FF i had KJ (Kevin Johnson) and he did a decent job, not great but well enough for me to take notice and start watching this team that i had no association with whatsoever. somehow through watching him that season i took a liking to the team and it just stuck. i've met a really good friend of mine through watching the brownies so having an actual clevelander to enjoy the games with makes it even more exciting.

i also like: no cheerleaders, no logo and the colors brown and orange which are the BEST colors in the entire world! :)


hehehe...fair enough. i like the "idea" behind no cheerleaders - just solid football. but I have to admit i always get excited when watching a dallas or raiders game and they cut to the bouncing, kicking, short skirted cheerleaders. i know it's simple minded =)

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