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April 10, 2008



Sha, I found you through La.Curbed. Coincidence: I know Mark from the Slap & Tickle show, which I hope to see soon. Mark lives with my friend Melanie.

Re D.C., a few years back I went there in early June for a vacation -- did many of the same things you did. I wound up going to the Smithsonian American History Museum twice and was more moved by their "Objects left at the [Vietnam] Wall" exhibit than I was by the Wall itself. Don't know if it's still there. And BTW, D.C. was more miserably hot then than any place I've ever been. And I grew up in Phoenix.


American History is being renovated right now, not sure which exhibits will come it's changed SO much since when i was a kid.

yeah, the humidity will get you out there. i hope that it won't be so bad for my next trip...

yes! come see a slap & tickle next time around (probably near the holidays) they are a blast!

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